Karymsky seen from a helicopter flying north of the volcano. In the background is Karymsky lake, which is the
caldera of the Akademia Nauk volcano. Left of Karymsky's summit the dark dome of Legeryi volcano can be seen on the shore of the lake. 
[Maurice de Graaf, 2003]

Fumarol activity at Karymsky. [Maurice de Graaf, 2003]

Imagine it is friday the 13th and you are in a Mi-8 helicopter
flying around Karysmky volcano. You fly pretty close to the volcano taking 
the pictures above. A little later we where flying a little further, just over Dvor when 
suddenly a Karymsky emitted a large gas and steam plume! Double luck on
this day, seeing a plume and not being on top of it......
[Maurice de Graaf]

A more peacefull Karymsky in august 2000.
[Oxana Evdokimova]

One of the first pictures of Karymsky, taken by V.D. Troitsky, probably
during the 1934-35 eruption.