Eruptive rocks

Kamchatka is of volcanic origin. This means that large portions of the peninsula are covered with extrusive rocks, rocks originating from an eruption. Below are pictures of interesting Kamchatkan eruptive rocks.

Crystalline Lapilli from Plosky Tolbachik volcano. The Lapilli consist of 3cm large plagioclase
crystals. [photo/colection: Maurice de Graaf]

Volcanic slag  from Tolbachik volcano ejected in the 1975-1976 eruption.
[photo/colection: Maurice de Graaf]

Volcanic bomb frpm the 1975/76 Tolbachik eruption.
[photo/colection: Maurice de Graaf]

Andesite rock (with a little tundra moss...) from Kiziman volcano. Andesite is a common extrusive rock
in subduction zones. [photo/colection: Maurice de Graaf]

Basaltic Andesite from the 1996 Karymsky eruption [photo/colection: Maurice de Graaf]

Pumice from the 1991 Akademia Nauk eruption. The dark spots contain interesting sulphides and
can even contain native aluminium. The glassy inclusions contain cordierite.
[photo/colection: Maurice de Graaf]

Scoria from the Avachinsky volcano [photo/colection: Maurice de Graaf]