Kuril islands


The Kuril islands are a string of islands between Kamchatka and the Japanese island of Hokkaido. Every island in the Kurilles consists of one or more volcanoes, many of them active. This would ensure quite interesting mineralogy, but little is known about it. This is mainly because the Kuril islands are very remote.

Ebeko volcano

Locared at Paramushir Island


Kudriavvy volcano

The Most famous locality of the Kuril Islands, because of Rheniite.Kudriavvy is located on Iturup island. Rheniite is a fumarolic rhenium mineral, that once occurs in a fumarol of this volcano. But since this fumarol got hotter all Rheniite is gone. The Rheniite has caused some more detailed study of Kudriavvy's mineralogy. Quite a list, mainly thanks to Anton Yakushev.

Aluminite Alunite Andradite Anglesite Anhydrite Babingtonite Barite Bismoclite Bismuthinite Butlerite Cadmoindite Celestine Challacolloite Corund Cosalite Cristobalite Galena Goldichite Graphite Greenockite Guanajuatite Gypsum Halite Hematite Ikunolite Ilsemannite Kurilite Lillianite Magnetite Molybdenite Molybdite Monteponite Plattnerite Powellite Pyrite Rheniite Roquesite Rutile Scheelite Silicium Sulphur Sylvite Titanium Tridymite Tugarinovite Tungstenite Wollastonite Wurzite

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     Kurilite               Rheniite

Mendeleevva volcano

Located on Kunashir island. The volcano has fumarolic activity as well as some hot springs. The volcano itself consists of andesite, andestie basalt and younger olivine bearing dacites. The fumarolic activity is located mostly on the northeastern flank of the volcano. A second source of mineralogy form several hotsprings discharging higher up the same flank. Temperatures here vary from 20C in some springs to 90C in others. The string of hotsprings continues to the coast at a site named Goriachiy Pliazh.

Alunite Antimonite Chalcocite Cinnabar Copper Covellite Cristobalite Gold Marcasite Metacinnabar Opal Orpiment Pyrite Quartz Realgar Rutile Smithsonite Sphalerite Sulphur


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Prasolov mine

Located at Kunashir Island

Gold Goldfieldite Hessite Kurilite* Petzite

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