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Far East Geological Institute (Vladivostok )

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IMGRE (Institute of Mineralogy, Geochemistry and Crystal Chemistry of Rare Elements)

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Giant Crystals (by Thomas Krassmann)
Minerals of Ukraine

Zbynek Birival
(great pictures of Czech and worldwide minerals)
Mineral Drawings (wonderfull drawings and more by Viktor Slyotov)


Mikhail Murashko and Sergey Vasiliev

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Mineralogical Almanac (Formerly World of Stones)


Travelling to Russia is a great experience. It is fairly easy to get around in this massive country because there is a good system of public transportation. The main problems you will face when collecting minerals in Russia are burocratic ones. First of all you need a visa which states which cities or area's you are visiting. Often you need special permits by the FSB or border guard for each area. And most importantly you need the proper permits to get any rocks out of Russia! You can arrange all this by yourself, but it will involve many long cues. So it is much better to take an arranged trip by some local tourist organisation. Below are some of these agencies that can help you with mineralogical tours. Often trips are quite adventurous involving hiking, rafting, dog sleds, serious 4x4 driving, chopper rides, camping in the taiga  and more such goodies.

 Mineralogist.ru: for trips to Kola, Karelia and around Moscow

Ural expeditions and tours: for trips to the Urals from Polar to the deep south. Oleg has also experience in the Altai.

Nephrite Roads: for trips around Irkutsk and  Lake Baikal


Non mineralogical stuff related to Russia


The Moscow Times


The St.Petersburg Times

Vladivostok News


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