Aegirine is a mineral with many faces. It is by far he most common clinopyroxene in alkaline rocks. Below you will see some of the different appearances of Aegirine.

Aegirine in thin green crystals from Burpala

In the Ussingite veins of Lovozero it occurs as big radial aggregates.
This example from Mt.Alluaiv is only 6cm across. At the rim you can just see typical ussingite vein mineralogy of pink Ussingite, purple
Murmanite and red Mangan-Neptunite.

Aegirine occurs in very dark green, alsmost black 'suns' in charoite from Murun. Often associated with orange tinaksite.

One of the most common forms of Aegirine in Khibiny and Lovozero. Green velvet like masses. This stuff is very hard and sharp. 
The red mineral is Villiaumite. This sample is from Yukspor.

This Aegirine froms pretty good prismatic crystals in an Ussingite vein at Karnasurt. End faces are almost always missing. The 
pale pink is Ussingite, the orange specs is Mangan-Neptunite and the purple is Murmanite.

Banded aggregate of Aegirine from Kovdor.

[ all: photo/collection: Maurice de Graaf]