Apatite occurs in the Polar Ural as chunks of tabular crystals, such as this 8cm specimen
from Dodo.

The majority of Fluoroapatite from Kola occurs as pale green granular masses. But good crystals are known from 
Lepkhe Nelm. This variety is called "Saamite". It is Sr and REE rich Apatite, sometimes called
Strontium-apatite. A bit confusing since this name is also used for a real mineral occuring on Kola, dominant in
strontium. "Saamite" has only minor strontium.

Fluorapatite occurs rarely crystalline. Crude crystals like this only occur in the Forsterite-Apatite-
Magnetite-Baddeleyite paragenese.

Carbonate-Fluorapatite, "Staffelite" from Kovdor. This mineral occurs in the higher regions of the
deposit, close to the surface. It is colored blue by traces of Pseudomalachite.

[photo's/collection: Maurice de Graaf]