Calcite crystals from Klichka, Transbaikal

Calcite from Dalnegorsk


Typical Calcite pseudomorph after Ikanite from Olenitsa at the White Sea coast of Kola.

Nice Calcite crystals from the lesser known Magnitogorsk skarn in the
Yuzhnyi Ural

Calcite from the 'Nickel mine" Adygea. Note the phantom layer of pyrite crystals

Blue Calcite from Slyudyanka

Crystal clear optical grade Icelandic spar from Nadym, Evenkia

Calcite from Baritovy pass in the Great Caucasus.

Calcite crystals in cavities of the Flysch of Skala Parus, western Caucasus.

Dogtooth Calcite from a roadcut south of Psebai, Caucaus. It occurs in a cavity in mesozoic limestone.

A rather ugly calcite from an interesting place, Longyearbyen mine at Spitzbergen. OK if you want to split hairs, this is a Norwegian mine,
But I thought it is the same geology as in the Nearby Russian mines and Spitzbergen material is not all to common.

[all photo's and collection: Maurice de Graaf]