Brown Eudialyte crystal from Burpala.

A perfect 2mm Eudialyte crystal from Rasvumchorr.

Eudialyte crystals from Partomchorr, Khibiny.

Red Eudialyte with black Aenigmatite, white feldspar and minor green Aegirine from Takhtarvumchorr.
Eudialyte is very instable in a geological sense and a large part of the diverse mineralogy of
alkaline intrusions is caused by alteration of Eudialyte. The yellow crusts on this specimen are
also formed by degeneration of the eudialyte.

Is it eudialyte of something pseudomorph after Eudialye? Beats me, but Lovozero Eudialytes are never
as pretty as Khibiny ones. This is probably the Ca rich 'Eucolite' variety. It is a 3cm crystal from Mt.Flora.

[all photo/collection: Maurice de Graaf]