Purple fluorite from Mys Tury, Kola.

Purple Fluorite in a pectolite vein from Kukisvumchorr, Khibiny, Kola

Purple grains of Fluorite from another alkaline intrusion, Burpala in Transbaikal.

Fluorite from Belorechensk
[photo/collection Viktor Slyotov]

Two pictures of the same sample. Fluorite from Novaya Zemlya. Not much is known about this locality, which is
also known as the Pay-Khoi Novozemlskaya fluorite bearing province.
[photo / collection Christian Hartmann, with kindest permission]

Earhty fluorite from Ratovka. Under the microscope the gains are tiny cubes. This variety is called Ratovkaite
[all photo's/collection: Maurice de Graaf unless mentioned otherwise]