Galena from Dalnegorks often shows a very typical somewhat rounded habit with prominent octahedral faces.
[photo /collection: Maurice de Graaf]

Galena is a rare mineral in the alkaline intrusions of Kola. This small pocket is from Rasvumchorr.
[photo /collection: Maurice de Graaf]

Sergey gave me this picture of Galena and what looks like sphalerite from the Ellbrusski mine, Kavkaz.
The mine is famous for it's orpiment, but mined for lead and zinc
[photo / collection Sergey Sayamov]

Galena occurs as massive inclusions in massive Pyrite in the Urup mine. The cubic cleavage and high luster gives it away.
[photo / collection: Maurice de Graaf]

Galena, Sphalerite and Pyrite from Kolgutinskoye, Altai.
[photo/collection: Maurice de Graaf]

Tiny crystals of Galena occur dispersed in the barite of Dzhalankol deposit, Caucaus.
[photo/collection: Maurice de Graaf]