A crude 7mm magnetite crystal in the sulphidic ore of the Nikel-Pechenga field, Kola

A crude octahedral magnetite from Magnitogorsk, Yuzhnye Ural

A 5mm octahedral Magnetite crystal from the Shishimsk mine, Yuzhnyi Ural.

A sharp magnetite crystal on matrix from Syssert, Ural.

Magnetite in white dolomite from the Zheleznyi quarry in Kovdor.

Magnetite from Vuorijarvi, like this one looks similar to Kovdor material.

I wonder why they call it a 'banded iron ore formation'? Magnetite from Olenegorsk, Kola

Another famous banded iron ore formation is the KMA. Kurst Magnetic Anomaly. This magnetite ore comes from
the Lebedinsk mine, near Gubkin.

Dissiminated magnetite in boron skarn from Solongo, Transbaikal

In the skarn of Korshunovskoye, Pribaikal, occur spherical magnetites. The lower picture shows the concentric inner structure

Magnetite from Afrikanda. You need a magnet to find it, because it occurs together with the almost
identical looking Perovskite.

Magnetite from the Tazheran massif, Pribaikal.

[all photos/collection: Maurice de Graaf]