Amethyst from Kedon, Magadan Oblast.

Quartz from Dalnegorsk

Often called 'beta quartz' from Dalnegorsk. This is a bipyramidal habit showing hexagonal symmetry and occurs often
as scepters, such as this example.

[photo/collection Maurice de Graaf]

Probably the best known Russian quartz district is the Polar Ural. Quartz is mined here commercially for piezo electric 
purposes. This rather milky quartz is from Zhelyannoye deposit.

Green quartz or Prasem with brown Grossular at the base from the Sinerechenskoye mine.

In between the coal of the eastern Donbass are small igneous intrusions. Their mineralogy is still a mystery to me,
But this nice quartz specimen comes from the Mayskaya coal mine, near Shakhty.
[photo's/collection: Maurice de Graaf]