Although I could not find any references about it, Sphalerite occurs in greensih gray Diopside from Bazhenovskoye mine.
In this specimen it is associated with a few (not visible on photo) grains of Chalcopyrite.

Sphalerite is not uncommon in the Lovozero massif. This specimen comes from Mt.Alluaiv. A brassy inclusion of  some other 
sulfide is visible.

Pale yellow grains of Sphalerite with possible tan Fedorovskite and gray Sakhaite from a drill core of Solongo.

Sphalerite from Elbrusskiy mine, Caucasus.
[all photo's/collection Maurice de Graaf]

Sphalerite with Calcite, Quartz and Pyrite from Kolgutinskoye, Altai.
[photo/collection: Maurice de Graaf]

Nice brown, but small, Sphalerite crystals occur in the little known Dzhalankol barite deposit in the Caucasus.
[photo/collection: Maurice de Graaf]