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This site is about the mineralogy and geology of Russia
It contains basic information about Russian mineral deposits.

By Maurice L.D.  de Graaf















Mas / Mils

Off-topic: I altered and clipped the famous mas/mils datafile so that it can be used by Topo USA by DeLorme. In order to use this, download and unzip the ASCII file to a location on your harddisk. Start US Topo, go to draw-file-import then select text and browse to the ASCII file. That is all. Once working it is nice to know you can temporarily switch off the mas mils layer under draw and then 'close layer' or 'open'. There will be so many mine tags that the map is often completely invisible at larger scales.


The original dataset came in shape format from the USGS at http://tin.er.usgs.gov/metadata/masmils.faq.html I just chopped off about 90% of the info and converted the format to make it work with US Topo. I'm not resposible in any way for the content of the data. See above USGS link for metadata.