Non-Volcano localities of Kamchatka


Aginskoye is a gold deposit in Kamchatka. It is the type locality of Balyakinite, Bezsmertnovite and Bogdanovite.

Balyakinite Bezsmertnovite Bilibinskite Bogdanovite Chalcopyrite Gold


A gold occurence. More information is welcome.


A hydrothermal gold deposit in dacite rock

Gold Orthoclase Quartz


Ametystovoye is a hydrothermal gold deposit in dacite rock. Apart from the mineralogy below, selenides are reposted from here.

Gold Quartz


The Apapel deposit is a mercury deposit of the Travertine type. Apapel is a hot spring near the village of Esso, along a tributary of the Anavgay river. Apapel consists of about 14 hotsprings dispersed over a 1 square kilometer marshy area. The geothermal energy is related to tertiary and quartenary volcanism of the central Kamchatka Graben.

Calcite Cinnabar Gold Metacinnabar Orpiment Pyrite Pyrolusite Realgar

H.U. Barnes, Geochemistry of Hydrothermal Ore deposits, 2nd Edition, 1979, John Wiley & Sons Inc., pp754-755

Avacha Guba
(Avacha bay)

The large bay on which Petropavlovsk is situated. On the beaches of the bay agate can be found. The problem is that the beaches in town are mostly pebble beaches, which make the agates hard to find. A good spot for agates is locally known as Maly Lagerny. It is an old disused GULag from the Stalin era a little east of town. Close by high volcanic cliffs meet the Avacha bay. When the tide is low the white agates stick out on the black beach. My agates are only a few centimeters, but the volcanological institute has pretty banded agates of several decimeters.

agate.jpg (30607 bytes)


Located along the Bolshoi Anui river in the Aluchinski massif.

Anyuiite Cassiterite Chromite Cooperite Erlichmanite Gold Herzenbergite Hollingworthite Irarsite Isoferroplatinum Kashinite Laurite Lead Magnetite Platinum Sorosite Stistaite Tin


A hydrothermal gold deposit in the Sredji Khrebet.


The Chempura deposit is a mercury deposit connected with Tertiary volcanism. The deposit consists of andesite-dacites, andesite and tuff, cut by quartz-diorites. All these rocks are hydrothermally altered.

Alunite Antimonite Barite Calcite Cinnabar Diaspore Dickite Fluoroapatite Freibergite Ilmenite Kaolinite Opal Orpiment Pyrite Quartz Realgar Rutile Sulphur

Ore Deposits of the USSR, V.I. Smirnov, 1977, Vol II pp337-337


The Dvukhyurtochnye hotsprings are located in the Central Kamchatkan ridge. Surrounding rocks are compised of andesitic basalts, pyroclastics and tuffaceous sediments. The spring itself has a temperature of about 74C.

The mineralogy of Dvukhyurtochnye is simple. So far only pyrite is know from here, but the pyrite has an unusual high mercury content of ~2% and contains about 2.7% arsenic.

H.U. Barnes, Geochemistry of Hydrothermal Ore deposits, 2nd Edition, 1979, John Wiley & Sons Inc., pp755

Galmoenansky massif

Galmoenansky is an ultrabasic complex consisting of dunite, clinoperoxenite and gabbro. The massif is the genetic origin of three placers, the Levtyrinyvayam river, the Ledyanoi river and the Penistiy river. Because the placers all erode differnt parts of the intrusive complex and are all at different distances from the massif, their mineralogy differs. Ledyanoi and Levtyrinyvayam are discussed below.

Awaruite Erlichmanite Hollingworthite Irarsite Isoferroplatinum Laurite Osarsite Platarsite Sperrylite

N.D. Tolstykh et al. (2004) Platinum-Group minerals in lode and placer deposits associated with the Ural-Alaskan-type Gal'moenan complex, Koryak-Kamchatka platinum Belt, CanMin Vol 42/2 pp619-630


Interesnoye is a hydrothermal gold deposit.

Levtyrinyvayam placer

This placer originated from the Gal'moenan ultrabasic complex, see above, also for references.

Erlichmanite Irarsite Laurite Osarsite Platarsite Platinum

Mishennaya sopka

This is by far the easiest to reach locality on Kamchatka. It is right down in the center of Petropavlovsk. It is a 600 meter high hill with some radio antennea on top of it. There is a bus stop at the foot of the hill and a path to the top. The hill consists of  an extrusive rock, probably dacite. Nice augite crystals can be found anywhere along the path to the top. Although I listed the hill in the 'non-volcano' section, 'Die Vulkane der Sowietunion' by V.L. Vlodavets 1954 lists Mishennaya as extinct volcano.


The Karaga deposit is a mercury deposit similar to Tamvatnei. 

Kuyulski massif

The Kuyulski massif is an ultrabasic intrusion

Datolite Diopside Pectolite

(Korf, Vyvenka river)

Ledyanoi  [photo: Chaibukha mining]

Ledyanoi is a platinum mine in the northeast of Kamchatka, near the Vyvenka river upstream from Korf settlement. The source of platinum is dunite rock, from the Gal'moensky massif, see above. Some platinum crystals are covered with a layer of gold.

Chromite Gold Platinum

platinum-ledyanoi.jpg (23584 bytes)

Pekul'nei massif

The Pekoulny massif is an ultrabasic intrusion/placer in Koryak Upland, known for it's platinum mineralogy. Some sources place it in Chukotka.

Cherepanovite Ferronickelplatinum Irarsite Isoferroplatinum Kashinite Laurite Osmium Rutheniridosmine Cooperite Hongshiite Platinum

Pustaya river

The Pustaya river is located in Koryak province, about 60N. Pustaya river is a placer deposit. The placer material originated from several gabbro - clinopyroxenite - dunite intrusion of late Cretacous age, located in the mountains east of the river basin. There are more PGE phases present , which do not have a mineral name yet. See the reference below for a much more detailed description of these.

Bornite Chalcopyrite Cooperite Gold Hollingworthite Irarsite Iridium Isoferroplatinum Keithconnite Osmium Platarsite Platinum Pyrrhotite Rhodarsenide Sperrylite Sperrylite Stibiopalladinite Vasilite Vysotskite

The Association of Platinum Groupminerals in placer of the Pustaya river, Kamchatka, Russia. by N.D. Tolstykh et al, Canadian Mineralogist Vol 38, pp1251-1264 (2000)

Mount Phillip

Mt.Phillip is an ultra basic PGM deposit

Bornite Bowieite Braggite Cooperite Cuproiridsite Cuprorhodsite Hollingworthite Hongshiite Inaglyite Isoferroplatinum Sperrylite Tin

The violarite specimen below is not 100% certain from Mt.Phillip, but the picture is too nice to leave it out.



The Tamvanei deposit is located in the Koryak Upland, along the edge of the huge Tamvatnei ultrabasic massif. The ultrabasic rocks have been thrust onto lower Cretaceous terrigenous sediments. The ultra basic rocks consist mainly of Serpentinites. The establishment of the exact topographical locality is a bit troublesome. Most sources state it in Koryak Upland, some in Kamchatka. Smirnov in the reference below states it is in Magadan Oblast, but mentions coordinates in Chukotka!

Andradite Cinnabar Coquimbite Diopside Enstatite Karpathite Laurite Magnetite Marcasite Mercury Orpiment Pyrite Quartz Realgar Tetraferroplatin Tungstenite Xonotlite

Ore Deposits of the USSR, V.I. Smirnov, 1977, Vol II, pp324


Ust-Kamchatsk is, as the name implies located at the mouth of the Kamchatka river. Close to this village lays a PGM bearing ultrabasic complex. Details remain sketchy.

Awaruite Erlichmanite Laurite