Unknown Kola's

In the Khibiny and Lovozero intrusions are many new minerals discovered. Many of these mineral are provisinally named with "M codes"  before they get IMA approval. Below is a survey of the M minerals from Kola. The Itallic minerals are IMA approved by now.

M1        (CaCe(Ti,Nb)10O23.nH2O    from Rasvumchorr
M2        Manganotychite
M3        Burbankite polymorph from Alluaiv
M4        Burbankite polymorph from Alluaiv
M5        Trigonal Donnayite from Kukisvumchorr
M6        Mineevite(Y)
M7        Shomiokite-(Y)
M8        Rouvillite
M9        Megacyclite
M10      Hydroxycancrinite
M11      Cancrisilite

M12     Altered Paranatrolite from Khibiny
M13     (K,Na,Ca)AlSi2O6 . 3H2O, from Alluaiv (~Gmelinite-K?)
M14     (K0.9Na0.5Ba0.4Sr0.1Ca<0.1)(Al3Si5)O16 . nH2O a zeolite from Vuonnemiok river
M15     (Ba0.8K0.5Na0.4Sr0.2Ca0.1)(Al4Si4)O16 . nH2O a zeolite from Vuonnemiok river
M16     (Na0.8Ba0.7K0.6Sr0.2Ca0.1)(Al4Si4)O16 . nH2O a zeolite from Vuonnemiok river
M17     (Ba0.8Sr0.6K0.5Ca0.1Na<0.1)(Al4Si4)O16 . nH2O a zeolite from Vuonnemiok river
M18     high Zr Cuspidine from Namuaiv
M19     Na2(Mn,Fe)2Si4O11 . 5H2O, raite related mineral from Tullilukht
M20     Fe analogue of Shafranovskite
M21     NaH2Fe3+Si3O9 .nH2O oxidation product of M20
M22     NaFe22+Fe33+Si4O12(OH)6 Shafranovskite group  member Karnasurt
M23     NaCaMn5Fe23+Al3Si4O22 .6H2O Shafranovskite group member Kukisvumchorr
M24     Na4Fe2+Fe63+TiSi6O24(OH)4 Shafranovskite group member Restinyun
M25     NaKCaFe23+Si4O12(OH)2 . 4H2O Shafranovskite group member Yukspor
M26     Manaksite
M27     Kalifersite
M28     Na2AlSi4O10(OH) .4H4O from Alluaiv
M29     Ce2Si6O15 from Yubileynaya, Karnasurt
M30     Diversilite-(Ce)
M31     Seidite-(Ce)
M32     (Na,Ce,Th,Ti,Si,C)xOy . nH2O from Karnasurt
M33     Na4Th3Si8O24 from Sengischorr
M34     Keldishite like phase from Khibiny, Lovozero and Norway
M35     "HMn Gaidonnayite" from Lovozero
M36     "HFe Gaidonnayite" from Lovozero
M37     "H-Terskite" from Karnasurt
M38     associated with Alluaivite from alluaiv
M39     Na8Zr[Si6O18] from Alluaiv
M40     Na<6Mn2+,Mn4+, Ca)<1Zr[Si6(O,OH)18] from Sengischorr
M41     Na5Zr[Si6O15(OH)3] from Alluaiv aka 'Na-Lovozerite''
M42     Na6FeTi[Si6O18]
M43     H3Na3FeTi[Si6O18]
M44     Na7Ca(Mn,Fe,Zr,Ti,Y)[Si6O18] from Rasvumchorr
M45     Na7Ca(Fe,Mn,Zr,Ti,Y)[Si6O18] from Rasvumchorr
M46     Sitinakite
M47     Lintisite

M48     NaTi2Si4O12(OH) . H2O from Kukisvumchorr
M49     Tiettaite
M50     Ca4TiSi4O14 . nH2O from Oleni Ruchei
M51     (K,Na)3TiNbSi4O14 from Kaliok river
M52     Paranatisite
M53     Sodiumkomarovite
M54     Mn analogon of Barytolamprophyllite from Yubileynaya and Kuivchorr
M55     ~ Na7Ba3Ti2NbSi4P2O26 from Kaliok river (Khi)
M56     Quadruphite
M57     Polyphite

M58     Bario-Olgite
M59     Fluorbritholite-(Ce)
M60     (Ca,Sr,Ce)5(PO4,SiO4)3F from Putelichorr
M61     NaFe sulfide inclusions in Mackinawite from Yukspor
M62     Cu4FeS4 inclusions in Murunskite from Kukisvumchorr
M63     ?
M64     ?
M65     NaBSiO4 from Alluaiv/Karnasurt = UK53A from Mt St.Hilaire. (Malinkoite?)
M66     Intersilite
M67     Pyatenkoite
M68     Na2TiSi4O11 .2H2O from Restinyun (= Penkvilskite polytype)
M69     Lemmleinite-K
M70     Na2(Ca,Sr)(Nb,Ti)2Si4O12(O,OH)4 .3H2O from Kukisvumchorr
M71     Nafertisite
M72     Na4BaTi2NbSi4O17 .4H2O from Shkatulka vein, Alluaiv
M73     (Na,K)4(Ba,Sr,Ca,K)2(Mn,Fe)Ti3NbSi6O25F .nH2O from Kukisvumchorr
M74     Na2Ba2FeTiSi2O9F2 .2H2O from Khibiny
M75     Shkatulkaite
M76     Natroxalate

For a much more detailed description of these 'M minerals', please refer Mineralogy of Hyperagpaitic Alkaline Rocks by A.P. Khomyakov, Oxford Press 1995.