The Vuorijarvi massif is a small intrusion on the border between Kola and Karelia. The surrounding rock consists of archaen gneiss and granite gneiss of the Belomorian terrane. The intrusion itself consists mainly of pyroxenites. A small area in the west of the intrusion contains pervskite and titanomagnetite ores. Around this ~5km diameter zone is a small zone of only a few hundred meters of alkaline ijolite-urtite rock. At the contact of this urtite-ijolite and the surrounding rock is a 0.1 to 1 km wide zone of fenite.
If this was all, you had defenitely not heard of Vuorijarvi. The most interesting rocks occur as small isles of different kinds of carbonatites and phoscorites. These rock lay mostly in the central pyroxenite zone, but in the southeast carbonatite-phoscorite rock also interseects the urtite-ijolite zone. It is in these carbonate-phosphate rich magmatic rocks that most interesting minerals are found. Neskevaara hill is a sublocality of Vuoriyarvi and type locality for Neskevaarite-Fe. The Neskevaara Hill sublocality is interesting because it represents a hydrothermally altered pyrochlore bearing carbonatite-phoscorite. Kapustin also mentions Namovaara as sublocality

geological sketch-map [Maurice de Graaf, sympliefied after Arzamastsev et al]

Alstonite Anatase Ancylite-(Ce) Anhydrite Ankerite Baddeleyite Bariopyrochlore Barite Barytocalcite Belkovite Bohmite Bornite Boulangerite Bournonite Brookite Brucite Burbankite-(Ce) Calcioburbankite Calcite Calkinsite-(Ce) Carbocernaite Carbonate Fluorapatite Catapleiite Chalcopyrite Clinohumite Cordylite-(Ce) Covellite Crandallite Dolomite Edingtonite Ewaldite Fluorite Fluoroapatite Franconite Galena Georgechaoite Harmotome Hilairite Hochelagaite Huanghoite-(Ce) Hydrotalkite Hydroxylbastnasite-(Ce) Ilmenite Jamesonite Komkovite Korobitsynite Kukharenkoite-(Ce) Labuntsovite-Fe Labuntsovite-Mg Lorenzenite Lueshite Magnesite Magnetite Manasseite McKelveyite-(Y) Millerite Molybdenite Monticellite Natrofairchildite Nenadkevichite Neskevaaraite-Fe Nordstrandite Normandite Norsethite Okenite Pectolite Pentlandite Phlogopite Pseudo-Autunite Pyrite Pyrochlore Pyrrhotite Quartz Rhodochrosite Schorlomite Shortite Siderite Sphalerite Spinel Strontianite Ternovite Tetrahedrite Titanite Tumchaite Vaterite Vivianite Vuoriyarvite-K Wollastonite Zirkelite

Minerals specially mentioned for Namovaara by Kapustin are:
Anatase Anglesite Ankerite Barytocalcite Galena Pyrite Quartz Rhodochrosite Strontianite

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