Central European


Surprisingly there is not too much mineralogy in the central European part of  Russia. That is why this pretty large area can be discussed in a single chapter.



Prior to the independence of the Ukraine, The Donbass coal basin was a very important coal producing district of the Soviet Union. Today the major part of the Donbass coal basin is located in the Ukraine and therefore falls beyond the scope of this website. But just across the border in Russia's Rostovskaya oblast are still a numerous coal mines. One of them is the Zapadnaya Kapitalnaya mine in Novoshakhtinsk, which became instantly famous after the november 2003 flooding disaster and subsequent rescue efforts. On the Ukrainian site there are a number of interesting mineralogical features in the Donbass basin like the Nikitovka and Zaporozhye mercury deposits. So far I have no information about any hydrothermal mineralogy in the Russian part. More info is welcome!

On topographical maps some mines are named, but the majority not. Below are some of the named mines I found. There are many many more coal mines and small quarries in the Rostovskaya oblast, mainly between the towns of Kamensk Shakhtinskyi and Novocherkassk, along the Ukrainian border. Most mines seem to have numbers, that are not unique

Shakht 1; south of Talovy and one east of Koksovy
Shakht 2; southwest of Talovy
Shakht 3: southwest of Talovy and one northwest of Belaya Kalitva
Shakht 4: southeast of Krutinskii
Shakht 3-2; south of Yubilenyi village
Shakht 10; south of Talovy
Shakht 21; east of Ayutinsky
Shakht 22; south of Talovy
Shakht 35: northest of Verkhneyasinovskyi
Shakht 36: northwest of Belaya Kalitva
Shakht 43; northeast of Pervomaiskyi
Shakht 56; west of Krasnyi Sulin
Shakht 201: northern outskirts of Shakhty
Amyukmonskaya shakht 2; south of Tabunshikovo
Armeni shakht; eastern Artyom village
Ayuminskaya shakht: north of Ayutinsky
Azovskaya shakht: southeast of Smagin
Glubokaya shakht: eastern Atrom village
Kirovskaya Shakht: eastern outskirts of Novoshakhtinsk
Mayskaya Shakht: Mayskyi village    SEE BELOW FOR MORE INFORMATION
Mirnaya shakht: north of Artyom
Yubileynaya Shakht: southwest of Talovy
Yuzhnaya shakht: western outskirts of Shakhty
Zapadnaya Shakht: northeast of Gornyashkyi


A limestone / marble locality along the Oka river, about 60km southwest of Nizhne Novgorod.



A village located along the middle Tsivil river in the Chuvash republic. The locality consists of jurassic clay.


Lebedinsk mine

The Lebedinsk mine is part of the precambrean BIF of the so called Kursk KMA. The open pit is located near Gubkin.

magnetite-leb.jpg (54300 bytes)

Malinovets quarry

The Malinovets quarry is located about 25 km northwest of Borovichi, in the Novgorod oblast. The commodity here is a 15cm thin layer of browncoal in sand and clay lacustine sediments of the Visean age. Malinovets is located at the northwestern edge of the Moscow coal basin. So far it seems the quarry is more of paleontological importance than of mineralogical interest.

Mayskaya mine

shakhty2.JPG (655094 bytes)
dumps of the Mayskaya mine

The Mayskaya mine is located at Shakhty and is one of the many coal mines of the Russian part of the Donbas basin. Since I have no information about any other mines, I have no reason to assume that this mine is any more or any less special that the others in the region. All information here is based on the finds of fellow collector Sergey Sayamov and the specimen we investigated. Our preliminary results show at least two interesting parageneses for this dump. Hydrothermal veins in the coal and surrounding rocks, producing quartz, gypsum, pyrite and possibly other minerals. The dumps also unmistakenly show signs of high temperature coalfires, producing paralava and typical coal fire minerals, like alunogene and possibly metavoltine. A third possible paragenese of this mine is represented by black manganese rich crusts, which we for now call 'psilomelane'. All in all this and the other coal mines of the area an interesting subject for further study.

Alunogene Gypsum Illite Metavoltine(?) 'Psilomelane' Quartz

gypsum-mayskaya-1.jpg (31549 bytes) hematite-mayskaya.jpg (67921 bytes) quartz_mayskaya.jpg (23944 bytes) sassolite-mayskaya.jpg (51333 bytes)
   Gypsum              Hematite           Quartz                 Sassolite?

Mikhailovskoye deposit
(Kursk Magnetic Anomaly, KMA)

The Mikhailovskoye deposit near the town of Zhelenogorsk in the Kurskaya Oblast is part of the so called Kursk Magnetic Anomaly. It is a precambian banded iron formation. Compared to other banded iron formations is is rich in potassium but aluminum deficient.

Hematite, Magnetite, Pyrite, Seladonite, Siderite

pyrite-kma.jpg (93459 bytes)

Phase equilibria at alkali rich early Proterozoic banded iron formation, Kursk Magnetic Anomaly, by K.A. Savko et al.

Peski station

Peski station is a limestone locality near Moscow. It is know for it's flint.

agate-stupino.jpg (106685 bytes)


It is located south of  Moscow. Podolsk consists of jurassic clay with nickel enriched Calcites.

Allophane Basaluminite Calcite Fluoroapatite Jarosite Palygorskite Pyrite Siderite Takovite


Polovkonovo is a village along the Unzha river, about 40km north of Manturovo in the Korstroma province. The locality is know for Barite concretions in jurassic clay


Prioksky quarry

The Prioksky quarry mines limestone along the banks of the Oka River not far from Moscow.

Quartz (Agate, Flint, Chalcedony), Fluorite, Vivianite


Putilovo is mineralogically not very interesting. It is a limestone quarry, east of St.Petersburg. In the early days of this town so called Putilovo slab was the only stone used for construction of the town. Later other stones were used, but the gray Putilovo limestone remained an important construction material in Russia's northwest.

Ratovka river

Located in the R'chevskij district, not far north west from Moscow, close to the Wolga river. It is  known for Ratovkite, an earthy fluorite variety.


fluorite-ratovka.jpg (49693 bytes)


Sedimentary dolomite of the Rusavkino formation of the Moscow basin occurs here. These sediments are of the Ghzelian (late carboniferous) age. In these sediments lay quartzite and silica rich concretions. Sometimes in the form of nice agates. Rusavkino is located about 25km from Moscow.


agate-rusavkino.jpg (107878 bytes)

Staraya Sitnya quarry

Located near Stupino along the left bank of the Oka river about 100km south of  Moscow. The quarry contains agates in limestone


AgateSitnya.jpg (86160 bytes) chalcedony-stupino.jpg (78759 bytes)
      'Agate'             'Chalcedony'

Vodinskoye deposit

Vodinskoye is a limestone deposit located in the Samara district, central Wolga region.

Basaluminite Celestine Gypsum Gypsum Opal Para-Alumohydrocalcite Quartz Sulphur

sulphur-vodinskoye.jpg (267917 bytes)
Sulfur / Celestine

North and East Europe, a brief review of mineral localities, A.A. Evseev, WoS 3/93 pp43-51