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coat of arms of Lovozero

Compared to the neighboring Khibiny massif Lovozero has a lot of similarities. It is also an alkaline intrusion with nepheline syenite varieties as main rocks. It is of the same age (365 m.y.). Both intrusions are probably the result of the same magmatic event. But there are also remarkable differences. First of all is the geology of Lovozero much simpler. It is also a horseshoe shaped intrusion with Lake Seidozero in the middle and the opening to the east. The largest and central part of  Lovozero consists of eudialyte-lujavrite. Lujavrite is a nepheline syenite named after the Lovozero massif, which was known as Lujavvr in history. Outside this core, and  underneath is a complex zone consisting of layered complexes of lujavrite, urtite and foyaite rocks. When looked more closely there are isles of murmanite lujavrite porphyr (around Parguaiv and north of  Selsurt) and in the east are alkaline volcanic rocks. In some places occur sodalite- and noseane syenites. These rocks are similar to nepheline syenite, with the nepheline replaced by noseane or sodalite.
Another major difference between Lovozero and Khibiny is that in Lovozero Ussingite veins occur. They do not occur on Khibiny. Ussingite veins have a very typical paragenese (Ussingite, Vuonnemite, Serandite, Steenstrupine etc. etc.). Many of these minerals do occur on Khibiny also, but never in Ussingite veins.

A three dimensional map I reconstructed of the Lovozero massif looking westward
Hey making maps is my job!

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topo map of Lovozero
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Below are the important localities of Lovozero listed. In most cases these are mountains. Most mineralogy occurs not in the intrusive rocks, but in pegmatites and hydrothermal veins. Only a few pegmatites have real names, such as Yubileinaya, Shkatulka and Sirenaya. In the 1960's Semenov started numbering the pegmatites. These numbers are still widely used. Many of these pegmatites and veins were discovered later. These are often named by Pekov after a distinguishing mineral, such as Shomiokotovoye for a Shomiokite rich pegmatite on Alluaiv. I included these pegmatite names below, but if you want to know their structure and detailed mineralogy I suggest reading the books "Lovozero", by Pekov and "The Lovozero Alkali Massif" by Vlasov. 

I'm currently adding individual pegmatites to this page, but it will take a while before that will be finished. A lot of puzzling involved :-) Pegmatites between quotes are named by me, because I could not (yet) find any name or tie a description to an already named pegmatite.


geological hammers in the heraldry of Revda

Alluaiv is a 1115m high flat mountain located in the northwestern part of the Lovozero massif, close to the village of Revda. 

Alluaiv has several sub localities. Most important is the large underground Umbozero mine or Umba mine. In this mine numerous pegmatites have been found such as: Shkatulka vein,  Sirenevaya vein Lovozero, Pekov, Shomiokitovoye pegmatite. Apart from the Umba mine there is a quarry called the Severny quarry.

On the northern slopes of Alluaiv are two moraine fields, known as 'cirque'. They are named Raslak-1 Cirque and Raslak-2 Cirque. Raslak-2 is also known as Western Cirque

Individual pegmatites are:

Cancrisilitovoye pegmatite named by Pekov is a small pegmatite in the northern part of the Umbozero mine. The 30cm wide vein is situated in foyaite. The only two worthwhile minerals seem to be Cancrisilite and Kazakovite. There are more similiar but smaller veins in the area. [Pekov p197]
'Ilmenite pegmatite'
located at the first Western Stream at the western slope of Alluaiv. Actually I am still not sure this is a single pegmatite. numerous similar outcrops exist in a 20x100 meter large area near the contact of Archean gneiss and foyaites of the differentiated complex. Interesting minerals in this pegmatite are (mangan-)Ilmenite, Lorenzenite, Eudialyte, Elpidite and Zirfesite. [Vlasov p136]
Makatitovaya pegmatite
named by Pekov, is a hydrothermally altered hyperagpaitic pegmatite discovered when the Severnaya shaft of the Umbozero mine was sunk. Minerals include of course Makatit and further Natrosilite, Kazakovite,  Tisinalite, Vuonnemite and Lomonozovite. [Pekov p192-193]
Nastrophitovoye pegmatite
, named by Pekov is an intensive hydrothermally altered pegmatite within the differentiated complex in the southern part of the Umbozero mine. The vein has Nastrophite, Catapleite and Analcime as interesting minerals. [Pekov 197-199]
Naujaite pegmatites
A swarm of similar pegmatites occur occurs in the naujaite in the northern part of the Umbozero mine, not far from Sirenevaya. Mineralogically they are not too spectacular with Eudialyte, Lorenzenite and Parakeldishite. [Pekov p190-192]
Shkatulka pegmatite
(translated casket) is the world's largest Ussingite body. It is the type locality for Shkatulkaite and Litvinskite and was struck during workings in the southern part of the Umbozero mine in 1990. The vein is situated in the differentiated complex. Mineralogy includes typical ussingite vein mineralogy such as Vuonnemite, Gaidonnayite, Terskite, Chkalovite, Lomonosovite, Steenstrupine etc. [Pekov p181-187]
Shomiokitovoye pegmatite
named by Pekov is an extremely intensively altered pegmatite, which can also be considered as hydrothermalite. Shomiokitovoye is located in the northern part of the Umbozero mine. This large vein is type locality for Korobytsinite and Natroxalate. Of course Shomiokite-(Y) is abundant here and represents a unique REE mineralogy. The interesting mineralogy is described in detail in [Pekov p193-197]
 Sirenevaya pegmatite (translated lilac) is a bright lilac colored Ussingite vein discovered in the northern part of the Umbozero mine in the early 1980's. The vein is situated at the contact of naujaite and lujavrite of the differentiated complex. The mineralogy of the Sirenevaya contains the usual ussingite vein mineralogy such as Villiaumite, Terskite, Vuonnemite, Belovite-(Ce), Vitusite-(Ce) and others. [Pekov p187-190]


Aegirine Albite Alluaivite Amarillite Analcime Anatase Arfvedsonite Arsenopyrite Astrophyllite Bario-Olgite Barytolamprofyllite Belovite-(Ce) Belovite-(La) Beryllite Biotite Bonshtedtite Bornemannite Britholite-(Ce) Burbankite-(Ce) Burpalite Bykovaite Calciohilairite Calcite Cancrinite Cancrisilite Carbonate Fluorapatite Caryochroite Catapleiite Chabazite-Ca Chabazite-K Chkalovite Covellite Cryolite Davyne Diaspore Djerfisherite Dorfmanite Dualite Elpidite Epididymite Epistolite Erdite Eudialyte Fluorite Gaidonnayite Galena Gerasimovskite Gmelinite-Ca Gmelinite-K Gmelinite-Na Gobbinsite Gonnardite Grumantite Halite Harmotome Hematite Heulandite-Ca Hilairite Hisingerite Hydroxycancrinite Ilmenite Intersilite Kanemite Kazakovite Keldyshite Kogarkoite Korobitsynite Lamprophyllite Lavenite Leifite Leucosphenite Lintisite Litvinskite Lollingite Lomonosovite Loparite-(Ce) Lorenzenite Lovozerite Lueshite Mackinawite Magnesio-Arfvedsonite Makatite Malinkoite Manaksite Mangan-Neptunite Manganonaujakasite Manganotychite Microcline Mineevite-(Y) Molybdenite Murmanite Nahcolite Nahpoite Narsarsukite Nastrophite Natisite Natrolite Natrophosphate Natrosilite Natroxalate Neighborite Nenadkevichite Neotocite Nepheline Nordite-(Ce) Nordstrandite Noseane Olgite Oneillite Opal Parakeldyshite Phillipsite-K Phosinaite-(Ce) Pirssonite Polylithionite Polyphite Priderite Pyatenkoite-(Y) Pyrite Pyrophanite Pyrrhotite Quadruphite Quartz Rasvumite Reedmergnerite Rhabdophane-(Ce) Rhabdophane-(Nd) Rhodochrosite Rouvilleite Sacrofanite Saponite Sauconite Sazhinite-(Ce) Searlesite Seidite-(Ce) Seidozerite Sepiolite Serandite Shkatulkalite Shomiokite-(Y) Shortite Siderite Sidorenkite Sobolevite Soda Sodalite Sodiumboltwoodite Sphalerite Steenstrupine-(Ce) Strontianite Taeniolite Taseqite Terskite Thenardite Thermonatrite Thorite Thorosteenstrupine Tisinalite Trona Tugtupite Umbozerite Ussingite Valleriite Villiaumite Vishnevite Vitusite-(Ce) Voronkovite Vuonnemite Wegschneiderite Yakhontovite Zakharovite Zirsinalite

Not yet fully investigated minerals include (click here for explanation):
M3, M4, M13, M28, M38, M39, M41, M65, M72

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Angvundaschorr is with 1121m the highest mountain on Lovozero and it is located on the west side, just south of Alluaiv.

Analcime Eudialyte Lamprophyllite Lorenzenite Lovozerite Mangan-Neptunite Murmanite Zirsinalite

Not yet fully investigated minerals include (click here for explanation):

Angvundasiok river

Only known to me as type locality of Keldyshite.


Ankisuai river

Astrophyllite Donnayite-(Y) Fluorapatite Ilmenite Pyrochlore Titanite


Mount Apuaiv is a little know area in the northeast Lovozero massif, just south of Vavnbed.

Pyrochlore Uranpyrochlore

Bolshoi Punkaruaiv

Punkaruaiv mountain is located at the far southeast of the massif, east Suoluaiv and Ninchurt. Punkaruaiv consists of two mountains a big Bolshoi Punkaruaiv and a smaller Maly Punkaruaiv. Bolshoi is the northern part.

Aegirine Chondrodite Epistolite Ferronordite-(Ce) Ferronordite-(La) Fluoroapatite Galena Ilmenite Maghemite Magnetite Pyrite Pyrrhotite Sphalerite Steenstrupine-(Ce) Takanelite Titanite

Chinglusuai river

Chinglusuai river flows from Kedykverpakhk eastwards to Seidozero. The locality is often mentioned and even name giver to the discredited Chinlusuaite. The true locality for the minerals from here is probably in all cases a pegmatite vein, also known as pegmatite 65

Aegirine Arfvedsonite Cancrisilite Davyne Eudialyte Ferronordite-(Ce) Hisingerite Lamprophyllite Lomonosovite Lorenzenite Microcline Murmanite Nordite-(La) Sodalite Sphalerite Ussingite


Chivruai river

Chivruai river is located in the central south side of Lovozero, between Mount Ninchurt and Lepkhe Nelm. The river cut through the Eudialyte Luyavrite and exposed the upper zones of the differentiated complex. Chivruai river is the type locality for Chivruaiite

Mineral name Chivruaiite Murmanite Rhabdophane-(Ce) Whewellite


El'mariok river

El'mariok river flows from Karnasurt south towards Seidozero. The locality would not be worth mentioning, if it was not the type locality for lovozerite.

Aenigmatite Illite Lovozerite Murmanite


Flora is an odd locality within the Lovozero massif. It is located north of Karnasurt/Kuivchorr on the very edge of the intrusion. Therefore it is not on eudialyte-lujavrite, but in the complex lujavrite-urtite-foyaite differentiated zone. If you think Genthelvine does not fit the paragenese, you have a keen eye! It is found in xenoliths.

Flora is, together with Vavnbed, a complicated locality, because rocks of the endow contact are exposed here.

'Eucolite-Ramsayite pegmatite': This pegmatite is located on the northern slope of Flora at the contact between foyaites and under laying lujavrites. The pegmatites form four outcrops, presumably belonging to a single irregular pegmatite. The outcrops measure up to 50 meters. Mineralogically the pegmatite contains the usual minerals, but Loparite on Eudialyte matrix is interesting. [Vlasov p122]

'Nepheline-Eudialyte pegmatite': This pegmatite occurs also on Flora's north slope, about 600 meters south of the Eucolite-Ramsayite pegmatite. It is an only 10-25 centimeter thick pegmatite, but it cuts various rocks of the differentiated complex, lujavrite, urtite, juvite and foyaite. This is geologically interesting, because you can notice the different contact aureoles in the different rocks. Mineralogy is again the usual. [Vlasov p125]

'Aegirine-Aenigmatite pegmatite'. This pegmatite is also located on the northern slope, about 700 meter ESE of the Eucolite-Ramsayite pegmatite. It is located in foyaites of the differentiated complex. Interesting minerals of this pegmatite are Murmanite, Belyankinite, Aenigmatite and Lamprophyllite, while zeolites also occur in the pegmatite. [Vlasov p129]

Pegmatite No.28 is a peculiar Narsassukite vein on the northern slope of Flora. It is however more a metasomatic region than a pegmatite. However several small pegmatites have altered in this metasomatic zone. [Pekov p162-164]

Aegirine Aenigmatite Albite Almandine Anatase Andalusite Arfvedsonite Armenite Augite Belyankinite Biotite Britholite-(Ce) Calciohilairite Carbonate Fluorapatite Chalcopyrite Cordierite Cyanite Diopside Elpidite Epistolite Eudialyte Eudidymite Forsterite Genthelvine Graphite Grossular Hilairite Huttonite Ilmenite Komarovite Kuzmenkoite-Mn Labuntsovite-Mn Lamprophyllite Lemmleinite-Ba Loparite-(Ce) Lorenzenite Lovozerite Magnesio-Arfvedsonite Magnesioriebeckite Magnetite Manganbelyankinite Microcline Monazite-(Ce) Murmanite Muscovite Narsarsukite Natrolite Nepheline Opal Organovaite-Mn Plumbopyrochlore Pyrochlore Quartz Rosenbuschite Schorl Thorite Uranpyrochlore Vuoriyarvite-K Yofortierite Zircon

epistolite-flora.jpg (216288 bytes)
eudialyte-flora.jpg (32486 bytes)
lorenzenite-flora.jpg (61873 bytes)
murmanite.jpg (32062 bytes)
narsarsukite-flora.jpg (48766 bytes)


loparite-q-karnasurt.jpg (19973 bytes)

Karnasurt mine

Karnasurt is a very rich locality located on the northern Lovozero massif. The name Karnasurt could reflect on the mountain as well as on the Karnasurt mine. Karnasurt is one of the richest localities of Kola in terms of diverse minerals, only superseded by it's neighbor Alluaiv. 

sub localities include: Yubileinaya vein, pegmatite 60, pegmatite 61, pegmatite 62

'Lamprophylitic pegmatite'. This pegmatite is located in the bed of the 1st Eastern Stream. The vein is geologically situated on the border of a hornblende lujavrite at the bottom and foyaite on top in the differentiated complex. The pegmatite has a traceable length of about 60 meters. This vein has only the usual pegmatitic minerals. [Vlasov p133]

The Yubileinaya pegmatite is probably one of the most famous alkaline pegmatites. It was discovered in 1970 in the Karnasurt mine, in the northwestern part of Karnasurt. It is a unique vein consisting mainly of Natrolite, which originates from the complete alteration of Ussingite. It is the typelocality for no less than 13 minerals! Ilmajokite, Raite, Zorite, Lovdarite, Vuonnemite, Sazhinite-(Ce), Laplandite-(Ce), Penkvilskite, Bornemanite, Vitusite-(Ce), Shafranovskite, Terskite and Seidite-(Ce) in chronological order. [Pekov 167-173]

Pegmatite No.60 is located on the right bank of the Second Eastern Stream on the northeastern part of Karnasurt.The pegmatite is situated in the foyaites of the differentiated complex, near the contact with sodalite foyaites. It is an Ussingite body which outcrops. It is the type locality of Manganonordite-(Ce). Other interesting are general ussingite vein minerals such as Lovozerite, Lorenzenite, Vinogradovite, Chkalovite, Steenstrupine-(Ce), Umbozerite, Lomonosovite, Vuonnemite etc. [Pekov p164-165]

Pegmatite No.61 is located about 800 meters east of the Second Eastern Stream at the northeast side of Karnasurt in Lujavrite of the differentiated complex. Pegmatite No.61 is the type locality for Beryllite, Komarovite and Nenadkevechite. The pegmatite is a Natrolite vein, formed by alteration of primary Ussingite. [Pekov p148-152]

Pegmatite No.62 is also located on the northeastern side of Karnaurt. The vein is situated on the contact of the differentiated complex and Naujaites. The pegmatite body mainly consists of Hackmanite and Natrolite. Interesting mineralogy of Pegmatite No.62 includes Karnasurtite-(Ce), Epididymite and Polylithionite. [Pekov 152-155]



Actinolite Aegirine Aenigmatite Albite Allophane Analcime Ancylite-(Ce) Anorthoclase Antigorite Arfvedsonite Barytolamprofyllite Belovite-(Ce) Belyankinite Bertrandite Beryllite Biotite Birnessite Bornemannite Burbankite-(Ce) Cancrisilite Carbonate Fluorapatite Catapleiite Cerianite-(Ce) Chabazite-Ca Chabazite-K Chesnokovite Chkalovite Chrysocolla Cristobalite Cryolite Cryptomelane Davyne Diopside Dorfmanite Elpidite Epididymite Epistolite Eudialyte Ferronordite-(Ce) Forsterite Gaidonnayite Galena Gerasimovskite Gibbsite Gjerdingenite-Ca Gmelinite-Na Halite Heulandite-Ca Hilairite Hisingerite Hydroxycancrinite Ikranite Ilmajokite Ilmenorutile Kanemite Karnasurtite-(Ce) Kazakovite Komarovite Korobitsynite Kuzmenkoite-Zn Kyanite Lamprophyllite Laplandite-(Ce) Leifite Lemmleinite-Ba Leucosphenite Lithiophorite Lollingite Lomonosovite Loparite-(Ce) Lorenzenite Lovdarite Lovozerite Lueshite Magnesio-Arfvedsonite Magnesioriebeckite Magnetite Malinkoite Mangan-Neptunite Manganonordite-(Ce) Microcline Molybdenite Montmorillonite Moraesite Mountainite Murmanite Muscovite Nahpoite Narsarsukite Nastrophite Natisite Natrite Natrolite Natrophosphate Natrosilite Nenadkevichite Neotocite Nepheline Nitratine Nontronite Nordite-(Ce) Olgite Olympite Opal Organovaite-Mn Organovaite-Zn Paranatrolite Pectolite Penkvilksite Phlogopite Phosinaite-(Ce) Polylithionite Pyrite Pyrolusite Pyrrhotite Quartz Raite Rancieite Raslakite Rasvumite Revdite Rhabdophane-(Ce) Rhabdophane-(La) Safflorite Sanidine Saponite Sauconite Sazhinite-(Ce) Sazykinaite-(Y) Seidite-(Ce) Seladonite Serandite Shafranovskite Shcherbakovite Sillimanite Sodalite Sphalerite Steenstrupine-(Ce) Strontiopyrochlore Strontiumapatite Takanelite Terskite Thermonatrite Thomsonite-Ca Thorosteenstrupine Tisinalite Troilite Tsepinite-K Tugtupite Tuperssuatsiaite Umbozerite Uranpyrochlore Ussingite Villiaumite Vinogradovite Vitusite-(Ce) Vuonnemite Vuoriyarvite-K Yofortierite Zakharovite Zincsilite Zirsinalite Zorite

Not yet fully investigated minerals include (click here for explanation):
M31, M36, M54, M37, M65

aegirine-karn.jpg (65508 bytes)
bornemanite-yubileynaya.jpg (21039 bytes)
chkalovskite-karn.jpg (28865 bytes)
gerasimovskite.jpg (50507 bytes)
karnasurtite.jpg (17257 bytes)
komarovite-kar2.jpg (44241 bytes)
laplandite-karna-2.jpg (32614 bytes)
leucosphenite.jpg (27633 bytes)
lomono1.gif (175527 bytes)
loparite-karna.jpg (48798 bytes)
lovdarite.jpg (16350 bytes)
m36.gif (172968 bytes) 
montmorillonite.jpg (31165 bytes)
mountainite.jpg (35984 bytes)
murmanite-kar.jpg (53912 bytes)
organovaite-Mn.jpg (37902 bytes)
paranatrolite.jpg (42257 bytes)
phosinaite.jpg (48353 bytes)
polylithionite.jpg (49882 bytes)
sauconite-karna.jpg (663534 bytes)
seidite-ce.jpg (23687 bytes)
takanelite-kar.jpg (36425 bytes)
vitusite-karnasurt.jpg (799249 bytes)
yofortierite-karna.jpg (48591 bytes)

Not yet approved minerals are (click here for explanation):
M22, M29, M54


Kedykverpakhk is the northern part of Angvundaschorr.

Kedykverspakhk consists largely of Eudialyte Lujavrite. Loparite is mined here underground from the Karnasurt mine.

'Il'mozero pegmatite': Nine outcrops located 400 meters above Il'mozero in eudialyte lujavrite rocks. It is a facies pegmatite containing no extraordinary mineralogy. [Vlasov p71]

Pegmatite 31:

The Palitra Pegmatite (palette pegmatite, for it's wonderful colors) was discovered in 2002 during underground work in the Karnasurt mine at the northern slope of Kedykverpakhk. It is the type locality Bario-Olgite, Kapustinite, Potassic-Arfvedsonite and Pautovite. The pegmatite is interesting for the fact that it was not hydrothermally altered after it's formation, while all other large Lovozero pegmatites are. This also means that a lot of Palitra minerals are very instable in air. In total 46 minerals are found in Palitra. All this makes Palitra a very important and interesting pegmatite. As noteworthy minerals I just name Thorosteenstrupine crystals, Nalipoite, Revdite, Zakharovite, Bartonite and Chlorbartonite and well developed Natrosilite. For more information on Palitra I refer to Mineralogical Record 09/01/05, The Palitra pegmatite, a newly discovered hyperalkaline pegmatite in the Lovozero massif, Kola Peninsula Russia, by Igor Pekov.

In the northeastern part of Kedykverpakhk occurs a swarm of different types of pegmatites and hydrothermal veins. Pekov mentiones 'more than a dozen' bodies larger than 10cm in diameter. They are exposed by the workings of the Karnasurt mine. Seven of them are described in more detail by Pekov in his Lovozero book and I suggest reading this book for more details.

Aegirine Aenigmatite Albite Analcime Arfvedsonite Astrophyllite Bario-Olgite Bartonite Belovite-(Ce) Belyankinite Berthierine Bohmite Cancrisilite Carbonate Fluorapatite Chesnokovite Chkalovite Chlorbartonite Clinoptilolite-K Dorfmanite Epididymite Epistolite Eudialyte Grumantite Henrymeyerite Heulandite-K Kanemite Kapustinite Kazakovite Kogarkoite Kuzmenkoite-Mn Kuzmenkoite-Zn Lomonosovite Loparite-(Ce) Lorenzenite Lovozerite Magnesioriebeckite Manaksite Manganbelyankinite Mangan-Neptunite Manganonordite-(Ce) Microcline Murmanite Nahpoite Nalipoite Natisite Natrite Natrolite Natrophosphate Natrosilite Neotocite Nepheline Nordite-(Ce) Olympite Opal Parakuzmenkoite-Fe Pautovite Phosinaite-(Ce) Potassic-Arfvedsonite Potassium-Leakeite Raslakite Revdite Rhabdophane-(Ce) Serandite Sodalite Steenstrupine-(Ce) Thenardite Thermonatrite Tisinalite Todorokite Troilite Tuperssuatsiaite Umbozerite Ussingite Villiaumite Vitusite-(Ce) Vuonnemite Yegorovite Yofortierite

belyankinite.jpg (18548 bytes)

Dorfmanite-Kedyk.jpg (13722 bytes)




raslakite.jpg (39892 bytes)
villiaumite-kedyk.jpg (59390 bytes)


Kitkn'yun forms the southern contact of the massif, south of Manepakhk.

'Kitkn'yun pegmatite' is located at the uppermost left tributary of the Kitkuai river, 500 meters from it's mouth. The pegmatite is located in an aegirine lujavrite of the differentiated complex, but there are several xenoliths closely associated with the vein. [Vlasov p118]

Aegirine Aenigmatite Albite Analcime Arfvedsonite Boehmite Catapleiite Cryptomelane Epididymite Eudialyte Ilmenite Lamprophyllite Lorenzenite Microcline Montmorillonite Murmanite Natrolite Nepheline Neptunite Pectolite Sepiolite Sodalite Vinogradovite Vlasovite

Koklukhtiuai river

google-earth/Koklukhtiuai river.kmz

The Koklukhtituai river flows south from Kuivchorr into Seidozero Minerals in this section could equally be attributed to Kuivchorr.

 Arfvedsonite Beidellite Ilmenite Marcasite Nepheline Normandite Pyroaurite Pyrrhotite Thomsonite-Ca Zircon


Kuamdespakhk is located southeast of Kuivchorr. See also Suluai river

Ancylite-(Ce) Bastnasite-(Ce) Catapleiite Cerite-(Ce) Chabazite-Ca Fluorite Lorenzenite Perowskite Pyrochlore Pyrophanite Thorite Titanite Uranpyrochlore Zircon


Kuftn'yun is located in the southeast of the Lovozero massif, just south of Parguaiv. It is the type locality of Labuntsovite. That was in the days before a new Labuntsovite member was discovered every day...... As Flora Kuftn'yun is also located in the differentiated complex zone.

Pegmatite No.19: Located on the southern slope of Kuftn'yun. The pegmatite is at least 200 meters and up to 4 meters thick and is located in foyaite. Presumably all minerals listed below are actually from this differentiated pegmatite. [Vlasov p114; Pekov p160]

Aegirine Albite Analcime Arfvedsonite Bertrandite Carbonate Fluorapatite Chabazite-Ca Cryptomelane Diopside Elpidite Epididymite Eudialyte Gibbsite Goethite Hastingsite Kaolinite Labuntsovite-Mn Leifite Loparite-(Ce) Lorenzenite Mangan-Neptunite Microcline Montmorillonite Murmanite Natrolite Nepheline Nontronite Pyrolusite Quartz Vinogradovite


Kuivchorr is a long stretched mountain south of Karnasurt. It forms the entire northern shore of Seidozero.
sub localities include: Troinaya valley and Pegmatite 55.

Pegmatite No.55 is located in the middle part of the southern slope of Kuivchorr. The core of this large pegmatite mainly consists of Analcime. THe pegmatite dips steeply and cuts many different rocks and even a large xenolith.The mineralogy is what you expect of alkaline pegmaties, but curiosities are Wolframite and Thorite. [Pekov p158-160]

Albite Analcime Anatase Barytolamprofyllite Biotite Boehmite Brookite Carbonate Fluorapatite Catapleiite Chabazite-Ca Djerfisherite Epididymite Eudialyte Ferberite Fluoroapatite Gibbsite Hastingsite Hematite Kupletskite Lamprophyllite Montmorillonite Muscovite Natrolite Nenadkevichite Nepheline Perowskite Phlogopite Polylithionite Pyrite Quartz Rutile Saponite Sauconite Sepiolite Tainiolite Thomsonite-Ca Thorite Titanite Vinogradovite Zircon Zirkelite

Not yet fully investigated minerals include (click here for explanation):

Lepkhe Nelm

Lepkhe Nelm is located high on the cliffs just south of Seidozero. Some minerals with labeled locality 'Seidozero' come from here. 

'Orthoclase-aegirine pegmatite'. Located at the center of the northern slope of Lepkhe in poikilitic noseane rocks (phase 1). The pegmatite's most interesting minerals are 'Saamite', Sphalerite, Galena. Taeniolite and Vernadite. For a more detailed mineralogical description see: [Vlasov p147]

Pegmatite No.45 is, as Pegmatite No.47, located at the northern slope of Lepkhe Nelm, but a little further southwest of Pegmatite No.47. This pegmatite is located in the poikilitic syenites, not far from the contact with the aegirine Lujavrites where Pegmatite No.47 is situated in. Pegmatite No.45 is a highly altered natrolite vein. Pegmatite No.45 is the type locality for Kupletskite (co-type), Tundrite-(Ce) and Vinogradovite. Other interseting minerals include Neptunite, Kentbrooksite and Mn bearing Apatite. [Pekov p157-158]

Pegmatite No.47 is located in Aegirine-Lujavrites on the north side of Lepkhe Nelm. The pegmatite consists mainly of natrolite and orthoclase. It gained fame as a source for the nice green "saamite" variety of Apatite. Pegmatite No.47 is the co-type locality for Kupletskite together with neighboring Pegmatite No.45. [Pekov p155-157]

Aegirine Allophane Alsakharovite-Zn Analcime Ancylite-(Ce) Anglesite Arfvedsonite Barite Belovite-(Ce) Bertrandite Birnessite Carbonate Fluorapatite Carbonate Hydroxylapatite Catapleiite Cerussite Chkalovite Clinoptilolite-Ca Cryptomelane Epididymite Eudialyte Fluoroapatite Fluoro-Magnesio-Arfvedsonite Franklinite Galena Gerasimovskite Halloysite-10A Hemimorphite Heulandite-Ca Heulandite-Sr Hisingerite Hydrocerussite Hydroxylapatite Kentbrooksite Krivovicheite Kupletskite Kuzmenkoite-Zn Labuntsovite-Mn Lamprophyllite Lanarkite Leadhillite Lepkhenelmite-Zn Lorenzenite Lueshite Magnesio-Arfvedsonite Mangan-Neptunite Microcline Monazite-(La) Montmorillonite Natrolite Nepheline Neptunite Noseane Orthoclase Paratsepinite-Ba Polylithionite Pyrochlore Pyromorfite Quartz Rancieite Rhabdophane-(Ce) Sauconite Serandite Sphalerite Strontiumapatite Taeniolite Thorite Titanite Todorokite Tornebohmite-(La) Tsepinite-Na Tsepinite-Sr Tugtupite Tundrite-(Ce) Vernadite Vinogradovite

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Malyi Punkaruaiv

Malyi Punkaruaiv is located east of Suoluaiv, see also Bolshoi Punkaruaiv.

Pegmatite No.71 is located at the northeastern slope. It is a large Ussingite body, which was discovered in 1932 as the first of it's type. Pegmatite 71 is the type locality for Chkalovite, Belovite-(Ce) and Gerasimovskite. [Pekov p145]

Aegirine Aenigmatite Anglesite Astrophyllite Belovite-(Ce) Beryllite Cancrinite Cerussite Chkalovite Epistolite Eudialyte Galena Gerasimovskite Gmelinite-Na Götzenite Hemimorphite Hisingerite Karnasurtite-(Ce) Lemmleinite-Ba Lithiophorite Lorenzenite Lovozerite Magnesio-Arfvedsonite Mangan-Neptunite Manganonordite-(Ce) Marcasite Microcline Murmanite Natrolite Nepheline Nordite-(Ce) Noseane Opal Polylithionite Punkaruaivite Pyrrhotite Rhabdophane-(Ce) Saponite Serandite Sodalite Sphalerite Steenstrupine-(Ce) Tainiolite Takanelite Thorite Todorokite Tugtupite Ulvospinell Ussingite Vernadite Vitusite-(Ce) Vlasovite Zirkelite

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CAREFULL do not mix up this locality with Maly Manepakhk in Khibiny!

This Mannepakhk is located south of Lepkhe Nelm. Already in 1894 did Ramsay describe the rock Tawite from here, named after the nearby Tawajok river. Tawite is Ijolite with  nepheline replaced by sodalite.

Albite Allophane Belyankinite Bertrandite Beryllite Carbonate Fluorapatite Chalcopyrite Epididymite Eudialyte Heulandite-Ca Ilmenite Lamprophyllite Lovozerite Mangan-Neptunite Murmanite Natrolite Noseane Phlogopite Polylithionite Pyrochlore Saponite Sauconite Serandite Sodalite Tainiolite Vinogradovite

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Muruai river

Muruai river flows from Sengischorr eastward into Seidozero. Pegmatite 58 is located on the banks of  this river

Aegirine Calcite Fluorite Fluoroapatite Ilmenite Lavenite Lovozerite Lueshite Magnesioferrikatophorite Magnetite Marcasite Microcline Nepheline Noseane Orthoclase Pyrochlore Pyrrhotite Seidozerite Titanite


Ninchurt is located on the south shore of Seidozero, just east of Lepkhe Nelm.

Aegirine Albite Eudialyte Fluorapophyllite Fluoroapatite Ilmenite Lavenite Lomonosovite Lovozerite Marcasite Murmanite Nepheline Rosenbuschite Vlasovite


Parguaiv is located south of Sengischorr.

Aenigmatite Arfvedsonite Lovozerite


Located at the eastern end of Mt.Flora. It is mentioned in Khomyakov's Mineralogy of Hyperagpaitic Alkaline Rocks as locality for mica like Apophyllite, formed in Devonian volcanogenic xenoliths.

Aegirine Albite Eudialyte Fluorapophyllite Fluoroapatite Ilmenite Lavenite Lomonosovite Lovozerite Marcasite Murmanite Nepheline Rosenbuschite Vlasovite


Selsurt is located just east of Karnasurt and south of Flora. The locality is probably more interesting than listed here.

Huttonite Kuzmenkoite-Mn Vuoriyarvite-K

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Sengischorr is located just south of Angvundaschorr. It is home of pegmatite 66


'Upper Sengisyavr Zirk pegmatites': Ten small and four larger pegmatites where described by Tikhonenkov occur at the northern slope of Sengisyavr Zirk, the circular plateau where lake Sengisyavr is located. The pegmatites are located in the lowest layer of eudialyte-lujavrite rocks and form a single thin horizon. The pegmatites hold the usual non spectacular mineralogy typical for pegmatites in the eudialyte-lujavrite complex: Aegirine, Natrolite, Albite, Lorenzenite, Arfvedsonite, Eudialyte, Lamprophyllite, Murmanite, Microcline and Natrolite. [Vlasov p81]

'Lower Sengisyavr Zirk pegmatites'. Below the pegmatites described above occurs another pegmatite, this time emplaced in the porphyritic lujavrite. The porphyritic lujavrites is a thin layer of rocks between the eudialyte lujavrites and the differentiated complex. The pegmatite could be traced for about 100m and contains Arfvedsonite, Aegirine, Murmanite, Lamprophyllite, Loparite-(Ce), Neptunite, Natrolite, Nepheline, Eudialyte. [Vlasov p85]

Analcime Anatase Ancylite-(Ce) Arfvedsonite Belovite-(Ce) Bertrandite Brookite Catapleiite Chkalovite Djerfisherite Donnayite-(Y) Epididymite Epistolite Eudialyte Fluorite Gerasimovskite Hemimorphite Ilmenite Lamprophyllite Lavenite Lomonosovite Lorenzenite Lovozerite Mangan-Neptunite Montmorillonite Murmanite Natrolite Neptunite Nordite-(Ce) Nordstrandite Noseane Perrierite-(Ce) Phosinaite-(Ce) Pyrochlore Rhabdophane-(Ce) Rhodochrosite Seidozerite Serandite Sphalerite Steenstrupine-(Ce) Titanite Todorokite Tugtupite Ussingite Villiaumite Vitusite-(Ce) Vuonnemite Zircon Zirsinalite

Not yet approved minerals are (click here for explanation):
M33, M40


Strashempakhk is located along the southern contact, south of Mannepakhk.

Loparite-(Ce) Lovozerite Narsarsukite

Suluai river

Flowing from Kuamdespakh south to Seidozero.

Aegirine Amesite Ancylite-(Ce) Bastnasite-(Ce) Bohmite Catapleiite Cerite-(Ce) Chamosite Fluorite Gibbsite Huttonite Lavenite Lorenzenite Magnetite Microcline Natrolite Nepheline Phlogopite Pyrite Pyrophanite Rosenbuschite Thorite Titanite


Located in the southeast of the massif.

Seidozeritovoye pegmatite is a name given by Pekov to a pegmatite on the northern slope of Suoluaiv. The pagmatite in fact consists of several smaller pegmatites in poikilitic noseane and nepheline syenites. The pegmatite gained fam for nice Seidozerite and Lavenite specimen. [Pekov p165-167]

Aegirine Analcime Anatase Ancylite-(Ce) Ancylite-(La) Bonshtedtite Catapleiite Chabazite-Sr Cowlesite Fluoroapatite Gonnardite Lavenite Murmanite Orthoclase Paranatrolite Pyrochlore Sanidine Seidozerite Thomsonite-Ca Vinogradovite Vlasovite

Tavaiok river

Flowing between Sengischorr and Parguaiv towards the exocontact.

Analcime Keldyshite Lorenzenite Mangan-Neptunite Murmanite Parakeldyshite Safflorite Thorite

Tyulbnyunuai river

The Tyulbnyunuai river flows parallel to and north of the Chinglusuai river from Angvudaschorr to Seidozero.

'Tyulbnyunuai eudialyte-lujavrite pegmatite': Located on the upper left slope of Tyulbnyunuai valley, about 60 meters above the river bed. The pegmatite is about 50m long and located in fine grained eudialytic lujavrite. Minerals include: Murmanite, Lamprophyllite, Aegirine, Albite, Eudialyte, Arfvedsonite, Sodalite, Ussingite, Lorenzenite, Neptunite, Pectolite, Loparite, Natrolite and Vinogradovite.[Vlasov p76]

Medvezh'ya Bergola (Pegmatite No.13): This pegmatite is on the left slope of the valley of the Tyulbnyunuai river in the upper foyaite layer of the differentiated complex. This pegmatite is mostly interesting for the large Belyankinite specimen and the potassium zeolites. [Vlasov p109, Pekov p148]

Aegirine Albite Analcime Arfvedsonite Belyankinite Chabazite-K Eudialyte Gerasimovskite Heulandite-K Lamprophyllite Lomonosovite Lorenzenite Magnesioriebeckite Mangan-Neptunite Microcline Molybdenite Murmanite Natrolite Neotocite Phillipsite-K Rhabdophane-(Ce) Sodalite Sphalerite Ussingite Vinogradovite


Vavnbed seems to be a separate mountain at the northeast edge of the massif. The mountain is home to pegmatite 24. The locality is most famous for it's stunning zircon crystals.

Pegmatite No.24 is located on the eastern slope of Vavnbed. The locality has been known for a long time as 'Zircon vein of Vavnbed'. The vein is located in albitites and fenites and is type locality for Strontiopyrochlore. The vein is most famous for it's Zircons and Ilmenites. [Pekov p161-162]

Vavnbed is probably the most complex locality of Lovozero. Many rare rocks occur here along the contact of the alkaline intrusion.

Aegirine Albite Allanite-(Ce) Anatase Bastnasite-(Ce) Catapleiite Chromite Cummingtonite Diopside Elpidite Epididymite Epidote Eudialyte Fluorite Fluoroapatite Hisingerite Hydroxyapophyllite Ilmenite Kaolinite Loparite-(Ce) Lorenzenite Lovozerite Magnesite Microcline Monazite-(Ce) Montmorillonite Murmanite Narsarsukite Natrolite Nontronite Palygorskite Pectolite Pyrochlore Pyrophanite Rinkite Rutile Stilpnomelane Strontiopyrochlore Titanite Tremolite Uranpyrochlore Vlasovite Wöhlerite Zircon

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